Digital offerings

Due to current heath concerns and for the safety of our patients, Perfect Ten PT will be offering care virtually  at this time.  We have a variety of options to help you continue to get the best care. Continuing to stay active and address injuries during this time is of utmost importance, as we all adopt a more sedentary (temporary) lifestyle. As sports practices are currently on hold for the majority of the country, it is a great time to address some nagging aches and pains and be prepared to return at the highest level when this is over! 


Telehealth PT

Talk to a PT in realtime, over a private and secure connection. Get injuries evaluated, and treatments prescribed. It's just like regular PT, but safer right now. 


at home programming

Have an initial virtual consult with a PT to discuss goals/needs/equipment etc, then get 2 months of individualized programming. Includes weekly follow up sessions and 24/7 access to PT



Group zoom calls

*benefit your home gym*

Daily group zoom calls each covering a different body part or condition for gymnasts and similar athletes. 

Only $10 to join and 30% of proceeds go to a gym or gymnastics family you nominate each day



ankle rehab programming

A month of programming for those who want to gain/regain strength in their ankles.

Additional body parts coming soon