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Women's Health 
Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Specializing in

  • Pre-natal back pain

  • Postpartum back pain

  • Pre-natal hip stiffness

  • Safe exercise during pregnancy

  • Safe return to exercise post pregnancy

  • Neck, chest, and shoulder pain post mastectomy

  • And more!

From the moment you found out you were pregnant, you vowed to do everything you could for your baby. You would eat right, read all the baby books, buy all the best supplies, and attend all your doctors appointments. 

Sometime in your second trimester you noticed your back aching. "It's just the weight gain. As long as my baby is ok, I'll be ok" you though. Third trimester came and with it came more back pain and stiff hips. "It will be ok, it's almost time to deliver my baby and once he/she is out, I will feel better" you thought. 

Finally the big day arrives and you have a beautiful healthy baby. Once you adjust to your new lifestyle, you vow to get in shape and lose the baby weight, but your back! You can barely pick up your baby or lift the stroller, how can you even think about exercising? "I thought this would go away after I gave birth. Whats going on?

If this sounds like you, give us a call and schedule a free consultation to see if we can help!

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