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If you have been diagnosed with, or suspect you have hypermobility or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, it is important to develop a healthcare team who can help manage your symptoms and give you the best treatment possible. 

Here at Perfect Ten PT, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to caring for patients with hypermobility  to maximize function and allow you to participate in your favorite activities.

When treating patients with hypermobility we strive to accomplish three goals

1. Identify impairments - take a specific look at which areas are the most Hypermobile and how it is affecting biomechanics 

2. Empower the patient with strategies to control hypermobility and associated pain

3. Help the client build a team around them to manage lifelong care

Click below and fill out the form to talk to a PT about your symptoms, and what we can do to help. 

Symptoms we can help with 
  • Joint pain

  • Muscle pain

  • Feelings of joints "going out" 

  • Slipping rib syndrome

  • Fatigue

  • POTS

  • Hypersensitivity 

  • Stiffness/tightness

  • Decreased balance

  • Decreased proprioception (awareness of body) 

  • And more!

Woman in a Yoga Pose
Do you want to exercise but are afraid of getting hurt? 
Click here for our FREE guide to exercising with Hypermobility: 

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