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Do you remember when?

Do you remember when your child first started gymnastics and they would run into practice so excited for what they would learn that day? Excited to practice their routines now that they are finally getting to compete? Remember when you would come home from practice and have to yell at them for flipping off of the couches and doing handstands on the walls?

And now...

Somewhere along the line, last week, last month or too long ago to remember that "run" into practice started to look more like a "hobble", and new skills came with new aches and pains? When you considered buying stock in tape when they told you they were starting to practice routines for their meet season? When instead of scolding them for handstands on the couch and leaps across the living room you began scolding them for leaving their ice packs around the house and for leaving the ibuprofen container open again?

If this sounds like your child, fill out the form below to speak to a PT and get some helpful tips on caring for your athlete.

Gymnastics is a tough sport, but it doesn't have to be a painful one.
Even "growing pains" and "overuse injuries" can often be prevented or limited with proper care. Give us a call today to find out how

Athletes we serve

  • Recreational and competitive artistic gymnasts

    • USAG​

    • USAIGC

    • EXCEL

    • JOGA

    • Collegiate

    • High school

  • Recreational and competitive rhythmic gymnasts

  • Trampoline and tumbling athletes

  • Acrobatic dancers

  • Circus artists

  • Cheerleaders

We offer in person consults at our office in Pine Brook, NJ and at other locations throughout New Jersey. We also offer virtual consults to gymnasts all over the world! Haven't seen your doctor yet? No problem! Give us a call and we'll see if we are the right fit to help you and if a visit to the doctor is even necessary. 

Strength Training for Gymnasts

There is no doubt that gymnasts at every age and level are strong, but here at Perfect Ten we provide unique strength training to elevate gymnasts to a stronger and more resilient physical state to prepare them for what they will be exposed to at the collegiate level

Whether you have already signed with a team and need help navigating your assigned strength program, or want to get ahead of the game and learn some of these skills earlier in your career, we can help

We offer in person and virtual consults and strength coaching for gymnasts anywhere in the world. Click below to find out more. 

Woman with Fitness Ropes
gymnast doing an arched handstand

Want a FREE guide to treating and preventing back pain in gymnasts?

Person running

Want to build stronger ankles? Click here to get exclusive access to our 4 week at home ankle stability program

Provider helping someone with back pain

Want to improve your back health for a better performance? Check out our 4 weeks to better back health program!

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