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Do you want a stronger and more resilient back for your gymnast?

If your gymnast has either

A) Had back pain in the past that has prevented them from training?

B) Doesn't want to have back pain in the future hindering their goals?

it is important that you do something to prevent it. Over 70% of gymnasts will have back pain during their career. The sport requires a lot of motion and control from the spine, so some extra preparation is needed at times to ensure good health!

gymnast back plain.png
The good news

I have created an easy-to-follow program that your gymnast can perform at home to help maintain and improve their back health to keep them moving pain free for the long term. 

The program 

  • Contains 8, 15 minute workouts

  • Minimal equipment required (household items can be used)

  • Addresses all of the common problems I see in gymnasts with back pain

  • Can be completed alongside your normal training

  • Can be completed at your own pace, and repeated again and again

Don't wait until your gymnast has back pain that takes them out of training and into the doctors office. Get this program now, and stop the pain before it happens. 

This program teaches proper body positions and movement patterns that can be translated into the gym to decrease stress on the back 

Not sure if the program is right for you? Email me at to discuss your case and whether this program will meet your needs.


Click the link below to download my FREE guide to back pain in gymnasts and get a few of my favorite exercises sent straight to your inbox. Then decide if you want to check out the program for a more comprehensive exercise routine. 


Want a FREE guide to treating and preventing back pain in gymnasts?

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