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Benefits of Pilates

This week's question

What are the benefits of Pilates, why do you host classes at your office?

My answer - Until recently, I didn't know much about Pilates. I had always bundled it in with yoga. However, not too long ago, someone likened my treatment style to "medical pilates" and I thought I would look into it.

What I found is that pilates provides a great opportunity to focus on low impact, controlled strength, and motor control development, which does in fact, sound a lot like my PT programs.

I realized that a lot of my patients could benefit from this, as developing controlled strength is important for ALMOST everyone. Hosting a pilates class at my office would allow clients to have a low entry barrier to this type of activity, as well as the camaraderie that a group class offers.

I was able to find a wonderful pilates instructor, Karen with 20 years of experience in the field. She has been able to continue to help host an amazing intro to a pilates class and her passion for the field really shows in her teaching.

Pilates is also not just for PT clients! Anyone looking for low-impact strength building can benefit. Along with that, all of the other benefits from participating in regular exercise (blood pressure control, improved respiratory system work, lymphatic flow) etc are realized through this class.

Send us an email at info@ for more info or if you'd like to sign up!

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