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Exercise and a stretched ligament

This week's question -

If I have a stretched ligament, can exercise help me?

My answer -

You may know that most ligaments cannot "heal" on their own from a tear because most ligaments do not have a direct blood supply. There is a common misconception that this means that surgery is the only treatment for a partially torn or stretched ligament. However, studies have found that strength training can thicken ligaments to double the size of those age/size matched controls who did not strength train.

If you have a fully torn ligament, this becomes more complex, more on that another time. However, if you have a partial tear/strain/ stretched ligament, getting on a proper strength training routine can help to thicken and stiffen that ligament and reduce pain and impairments related to it.

As a secondary benefit, ligaments most often get strained or partially torn due to poor mechanics putting too much pressure on that area. Performing a well written strength training regimen or working with a physical therapist can help to re-train these faulty mechanics to lessen the chances of future injury to the area.

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