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How Long Can I Receive Treatment?

This weeks question

Can I keep coming to PT?

My answer

Many of our patients have long term issues that they see us for and some just see us for "maintenance care." Unlike "traditional physical therapy," we will see patients as long as they want to see us, and as long as we feel that we can help them.

Many of our patients have goals that evolve over their time working with us. When they first start, their goal might be to be able to stand and wash the dishes, as we accomplish that, their goal may be to walk a mile, and as we accomplish that, their goal may be to participate in some other athletic event. We are happy to continue to support them through their journey, sometimes continuing on an every week, every month, or even as needed basis. As long as YOU the patient see benefits and progress WE are here.

We will never "kick you out" or cut you off from PT. Maintaining your highest level of function is always our top priority. 

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