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How to Stay Safe During Shoveling

This weeks question 

We have more snow coming and I'm a bit nervous to shovel. What can I do? 


This is a great question and a common one this time of year. While there is no way to guarantee a pain-free shoveling experience, there are a few things you can do to help yourself. 

- Ask for help - if you have other people at home, ask them to pitch in. Even kids can help a little with shoveling and a little help can make a big difference. If you are injured and have no one at home, there are often neighborhood kids who will shovel for a few dollars and a cup of hot chocolate. Dont be afraid to ask

- watch your form- bending over from your spine is the most common problem I see. If you've ever been a patient at perfect ten, its highly likely you have done some type of deadlift or “hip hinge” exercise. Channel that movement into your snow shovel 

- switch sides- i know most of us have a dominant side, but switching back and forth can help prevent too much use or soreness on one side. 

-take breaks- I know you may have places to get out to, but hurting yourself in the process wont help you get there. Being in the cold can be hard to feel the soreness and tiredness at times, so make sure to take intermittent breaks to rest and stretch out before you get back out there. 

Need some help learning to proper way to shovel? Give us a call at 973-556-8465.

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