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Joints click and pop

This week's question -

My joints click and pop a lot. Is this normal? Is it dangerous? Does it mean I should stop what I am doing?

My answer -

Generally, joints "clicking" or "popping" generally mean they are releasing pressure. Joints that are injured or inflamed tend to build up more pressure, and therefore have more need to release it.

Anyone who has a connective tissue disorder is doubly affected, because in addition to joints that tend to become inflamed, the connective tissue that actually does the releasing of pressure is faulty and therefore can hold less pressure before needing to release it.

Another reason for cracking and popping in a joint is if the two bones that make up the joint are not centered in relation to one another. This is really only an issue in folks with hypermobility and can/should get better as (proper) strength is built.

Either way, it is very rare that cracking or popping in a joint is associated with a need to stop doing the movement causing it. However, as always if you do have pain with something stop and consult your MD or PT!

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