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Lifting weights

This week's question -

Is lifting weights dangerous for me?

My answer -

While I may not know the story of everyone reading this blog, I will say this. If you walk, go up stairs, drive, sit on a toilet, cook, grocery shop, etc, lifting weights is not only not dangerous but essential to maintaining and improving your ability to do these tasks. If you are an athlete, this is true x 1000.

Now, the most important part of any exercise program is the progression. If you were a high school athlete, but now have been sitting at a desk for 10 years (or maybe your kitchen table for the last 2) and try to go to the gym and hit your high school weights on day 1, yes this is dangerous.

It is important to make sure you have proper form BEFORE even picking up a weight, and start at a weight that is appropriate for where you currently are in your journey, and increase from there. Working with a trained professional can help to figure this all out quickly and efficiently.

Creating a balanced program is important as well. If you love to bench press and do bicep curls, but you don't ever focus on your back or triceps, you could get yourself in trouble. Again, a trained professional can work with you to create a program that is balanced and effective for your goals.

Finally, I will say this. Can lifting weights lead to some aches, pains and strains? Yes, absolutely. However, research has proven that resistance training including weight lifting decreases risk of a whole host of serious diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, many types of cancer, depression, anxiety and dementia). Some of these diseases, unlike a muscle strain from messing up a lift, are not reversible, meaning you will deal with this for the rest of your life. Therefore, I would conclude that NOT lifting weights is much more dangerous than lifting weights.

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