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Middle back stiffness

This week's question -

Why is my middle back so stiff when everything else is flexible?

My answer -

My answer to this is two fold, and depends if you have a systemic mobility issue (like EDS) or not. Our daily life involves a lot of still, bent forward mid backs (or thoracic spines). In fact, while you are reading this you are likely bent over your phone or computer. Straighten up and lift up the phone or computer to you! Now do this every day. And your stiffness will improve!

If you have a systemic hypermobility issue like some of my patients, it is my hypothesis that your body takes any stiffness and control it is capable of, and applies it to the thoracic spine to help protect your organs, most specifically your heart. While your body is hyper mobile, survival instincts come first.

How do we improve this aside from changing our positions (psst. fix your posture, your are slumping again!) The answer is two fold. One is specific drills and exercises to improve thoracic mobility, and you can visit my youtube channel to find those. Second, is improving the stability of areas surrounding the thoracic spine, giving it permission to relax and move a bit.

If you need help improving your thoracic mobility give me a call!. 973-556-8465

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