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PT Exercises before or after my workout

This week's question -

Should I do my PT exercises before my workout or after?

My answer -

This is related to the last question answered (regarding what order to do PT exercises in) but is a bit different. As I have many patients who do a variety of workouts from marathon running to stilt walking and weight lifting, I felt it was important to address.

Once again, I will start by saying the best time to do them is when you will actually do them. If I have a patient that feels she will forget or otherwise be unable to do exercises anytime besides first thing in the morning or last thing before bed, then its settled, thats when they will be done.

However, if you are trying to truly optimize your health and movement and do have some flexibility, this is a great question. Last week we talking about the 3 step process (prepare, prime, perform) and how different PT exercises can fit into each category.

However when we look at the larger picture, and add the idea that there will also be some "workout" done, which is likely at a higher intensity than the exercises, the idea of this changes a bit. At that point, I would say that these exercises fit somewhere between the "prepare" and "prime sections". Which is to say, that they would fall before the main section of the workout.

However, if there is a true "warm up" as in a cardio portion to warm the muscles, I would do that first, then PT, then sport/movement specific exercises, then the full workout.

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