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PT Forever?

This week's question

Will I have to do PT forever?

My answer - This is a common question that I get. Whether you have chronic pain, a genetic condition, or a serious injury, it can feel as though PT may be forever.

I think to answer this question, we have to look at your definition of PT. If your definition of PT is lying down and pulling on some therabands in a medical office, then no it won't be forever. If your definition of PT is physical activity that supports your body and counters your normal daily activity, then yes, it will and should be forever.

Lets take a very simple example of someone who sits at a desk all day. They tend to be in a flexed position with their knees and hips bent, possibly hunching forward with their arms and head reaching for the computer. If this person leaves work, goes home to the couch and sits in the same position but with a phone or TV in front of them rather than a computer, we can all see why they may have pain. This person may need to do some standing or lying flat activities to counter this position. They may start out needing some traditional "PT" type movements, but eventually could transition into going for a walk or a hike each day instead to balance their day of sitting.

Now, this example is much more simple than it may be for many of you, as many of the clients I work with have complex pain and complex lives. However, the principle remains the same. For many people, we need to create harmony between the structure of their body and their daily activities. Sometimes, this can require a lot of very specific movements done in a specific way at first, but my goal for everyone is to get them to a place where their "PT" can be an independent activity of their choosing, as long as it fits the parameters of what their body needs.

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