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This week's question

What is your stance on scraping?

My answer - Scraping, which can also be called gua sha, Graston, Astym, or iastm describes using in instrument, usually a metal tool that is flat on one end to perform soft tissue work. The tool is scraped over the muscles in a back and forth fashion to relieve soft tissue tension.

Now that we got definitions out of the way - my stance on it, like my stance on almost every modality or treatment technique is - it depends. It depends on the person doing it and the person receiving it. In some "scraping" techniques, the scraping is so aggressive that it leaves red or purple marks on the person receiving it for days or weeks. If you know me, you know my philosophy is generally to use the "minimum effective dose" or be as gentle as possible while still being effective. I think very aggressive scraping is unnecessary and can be harmful, never mind painful.

I do think there is some benefit to it, as it provides a new stimulus to help possibly relax and heal some soft tissue that has been unresponsive to other modalities.

If you want more info send an email with the subject "scraping" to!

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