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This week's question -

What are the best shoes for me to wear?

My answer -

Continuing on the foot theme from last week, I'll provide the same disclaimer to start - of course I cannot answer this question accurately for everyone who might read this, but I will give you some things to think about.

The best thing you can do when choosing shoes, are to make sure they are shaped like you're foot. If we look at women's heels with a tapered toe (the triangle shaped ones) are they foot shaped? Definitely not. Even a lot of our sneakers are pretty narrow and rounded at the top with the peak being somewhere in the middle right to left. I don't know about you, but my foot is not rounded, and the tallest part is definitely not in the middle.

We want our feet to be able to relax and move naturally in our shoe, squishing our toes is not going to do anything for our foot health, or the health of any other joint for that matter.

So when looking for a shoe, I'd say the main thing you want to check is if the shoe has a "wide toe box." If you have healthy feet and are looking to optimize function, I'd recommend vivobarefoot shoes. No they aren't the five finger shoes, they are more traditional looking shoes but allow you to move naturally. If you need a bit more support, I'd look at Altra shoes.

If you want some help choosing the best shoes for you, call me today for a free consultation. 973-556-8465

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