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Specific order for PT exercises?

This week's question -

When I am doing my PT exercises, is there a specific order to do them in?

My answer -

First of all, the order in which you WILL DO THEM is the best order. If you have a certain exercise you prefer to do first, that will get you ready for the others, or one you like to get over with, by all means, go ahead.

Doing the exercises in any order is going to be more beneficial than not doing them at all. However, if you are asking me this question it means you are likely at the level where you are doing the exercises and want to optimize how you are doing them.

When that is the case, I usually think of the phrase "Prepare, Prime, Perform"

Prepare - this is any mobility work that you have. Mobility work is like stretching but moving through an active range of motion. 99% of the mobility work I give is active rather than static holds (more on that in a future email)

Prime - This is like revving the engine. We are firing up any individual muscles to get them ready to activate in our more complex movements. These exercises are GENERALLY going to be lying or sitting and focusing on one specific joint, one muscle/group at a time.

Perform - These are the more complex exercises where we put all of it together. GENERALLY these are going to be performed standing and involve at least 2 joints that are moving. Often these will be the exercises that mimic your daily activities or athletic movements.

Want help determining which section certain exercises fit in?

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