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Stabilizing shoulder blades?

This week's question

Can you actually make your shoulder blades more stable?

My answer - Yes absolutely! The scapula, or shoulder blades are the triangular bones that sit on the back of your rib cage. There are 17 muscles that attach to each one, most of which also attach to either the arm bone or the neck. Keeping relatively balanced strength and control in these muscles is what helps keep seamless and pain free motion of the shoulder and the neck.

When scapular muscles get out of balance, the shoulder blades can move more than they should, less than they should, or just in a different way then they should, which in some instances can lead to painful or restricted motion at the shoulders or the neck.

Therefore, working on scapular stability and scapular mechanics can be a huge key to getting relief from shoulder and/or neck pain!

Do you have problems with your shoulders and neck? Email us at to see if we can help.

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