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Traveling for the holidays

This week's question -

I am traveling to see family for the holidays, my routine will be completely upended, how do I not lose progress I have made?

My answer -

First remember, if you want your health and wellness to be a priority, you can make it one near and far, early and late, along or in a full house. This does not mean you have to excuse yourself from family dinner to do your PT exercises because you usually do them at 7pm, or that you have to go to sleep at 9 instead of visiting with friends, because that's what you usually do on work nights.

What it does mean, is that you can take the most crucial parts of YOUR routine, and fit them into travel. If you are caring for an injury, any "PT exercises" you have should take somewhere in the range of 15-20 minutes, and generally they can be broken up into even smaller chunks, and done in a relatively small space. So before you travel, plan out when and where to do them and stick to it! If you feel better, you will enjoy the trip more!

If you have to travel a long distance by plane or by car, take frequent standing breaks, again, if in a car it may take you longer to get there but if you feel better and are able to enjoy your time more, is it worth it?

Family and friends should respect your health and wellness journey and allow you the time and space to stay on track, If they don't, are they really the people you should be spending time with?

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