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What can I take for my EDS?

This week's question

What can I take to help my EDS?

My answer - As always, this is a bit of a complex question and there are a lot of different angles to consider. We'll go with the angle of the patient who asked the question, who was looking for some supplements or over the counter things she could take to help with pain and subluxations related to EDS. 

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to take to reverse the effects. Even a collagen supplement won't solve the problem of faulty collagen, because the body still needs to build the ingested collagen into a usable form, which is where the problem comes in. 

While there are no medically studied and peer reviewed supplements or protocols found to help EDS, there is a protocol called the Cusack protocol. It is anecdotal, but many EDS patients have found benefits from following this protocol. 

The pros: the supplements are all generally safe for most people and can be taken from home without a doctors prescription. While some people have reported side effects from some of the supplements, they are generally mild and short lived. 

The cons: It requires you to take a significant amount of supplements. When, like many of you do, you have allergies/intolerances, GI distress, and other flares it may be difficult to get on/stick to the routine of taking all of the supplements. There is also the price factor of buying the supplements, when the results are not guaranteed. 

For the last point, we have partnered with a site called Fullscript to help bring our patients the supplements they need at a discount. If you are considering the Cusack protocol, or another supplement regimen (let us know about it!) let us know and we can get you info on available discounts. 

All in all, I'd encourage anyone interested in the Cusack protocol to give it a try, and closely self monitor for any negative side effects, at which point it would likely make sense to stop/consult with a medical professional. 

Hope this helps!

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