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Chronic conditions and PT

This week's question -

If I have a chronic condition, do I need to see a PT forever?

My answer -

Yes, and no. If you have a chronic condition, especially if it is one that progresses and changes as you age, you may need to have a PT that you can see on and off as needed. However, that does not have to look like "3x a week forever, or even 1x a week forever."

Your PT should help you to develop a program that you can use to help manage your condition, as well as strategies to try if your condition worsens at any point. However, you may need to see your PT periodically or if things have changed significantly to update your program or deal with any acute issues that have come up.

Having a PT that understands your condition, and is willing to work with you on a frequency that you both agree on - once a month, once a year or just "as needed" is an important part of managing your condition.

Doing your "PT" is a different story however and may be something you need to do multiple times per week for a long time to manage your condition. Ideally this is an exercise routine that you both enjoy and helps you feel better and can be done as part of your normal routine. Have a question you want answered? Email us at

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