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Health vs. Wellness and the Dental Industry

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Yes I am a Physical Therapist

No, I did not have a career change, but the dental industry has done something that is quite amazing and they deserve some recognition for it.

That little post card

If you are like me, and most Americans, every year around the same time you receive a post card, email, or text message

"Time for your yearly dental check up.”

Now, if you are even more like me you think "how has it been a year already!" followed by thoughts of "I don't have time" or "I don't have money right now" and I may put it off for a few weeks but eventually, sometime before 18 months since my last appointment I will reluctantly call up and schedule my appointment for my yearly check up.

What makes me do this? Eventually I start thinking "something could be wrong, and if I don't go I won't know. I did have a little pain in my tooth and gum last week, I should get it checked out now before it gets worse."

These are all absolutely reasonable thoughts, and I'm sure these little reminder post cards and the guilty thoughts that go with him have turned what could eventually be a serious problem for some people down the road into a less serious, right now combination of repair and prevention keeping us smiling with our pearly whites.

If you are still reading at this point you might be thinking, Sara I came to read something about physical therapy, I don't care about your dentist appointments! So lets get to the point. The dental industry is one of the few that have managed to get our heads from "sick care" and "solving problems" to "wellness checks" and "prevention".

When was the last time you went to the cardiologist, just for a check up despite having a clean heart health record? The neurologist? The pulmonologist? The PHYSICAL THERAPIST??

Having yearly (or 18 monthly) movement checkups, just like those tooth check ups, can catch problems early and prevent those little aches and pains from turning into major sidelining injuries and surgeries.

Now you might be thinking, no one has ever told me to do that before, I usually only go to the doctor if I am really sick.

The United States healthcare industry is focused on just that, gaining a state of health. The dictionary definition of health is "a state free of disease." But I don't want you to just be free of disease. I want you to truly feel in an optimal state of wellness and you should too.

Despite any former conditions you may have, most of us can probably do something to improve our own state of wellness and take steps towards more optimal movement. So pick up the phone, call your physical therapist today to get started on your journey of not just feeling ok, but feeling great.

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