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Hip, arm, and back exercises for my knee?

This week's question

If I am coming to PT for my knee, why am I doing exercises involving my hips and back and arms? My answer - Here at Perfect Ten, we practice something called integrative or functional physical therapy. This is based on the principle that your body part likely didn't get injured all on its own, so it won't get better all on its own. In the absence of a very unlikely injury where you were sitting and something fell down on your knee causing some damage and pain, the injury you had or pain you developed was likely influenced by the function and position of the rest of your body. Often times, the part that did get injured can be the "best functioning" part of your body causing many other parts to rely on it for extra help, and it finally "gave up."

Therefore, it is important to evaluate and treat the entire body, because we don't want to just get you "back to how you were." The way you were functioning is how you got injured, so we want to get you better than that!

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