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Repeated injuries

This week's question -

Why am I always getting injured?

My answer -

There are a lot of factors that go into this, but I want to start with a better way to ask the question. If you have heard me speak live or virtually, you have probably heard me use the phrase "when movement load is greater than movement capacity, injury occurs"

This is a universal truth, and generally means that when your body can't keep up with what you are asking it to do (whether in the short term - recovering from tripping, or the long term - prolonged high volume training), you will get injured.

The idea then becomes less about not getting injured, and more about improving movement capacity to be able to handle any situation that arises. Therefore, we have to look at factors that go into movement capacity and modify those as best we can

1. Mobility and strength - improve it

2. Sleep - do it more

3. Nutrition - see an RD, get in all of your food groups

4. Hydration - stop reading this, drink some water

5. Mindset - check in with yourself daily, meditation is key.

6. Genetics and systemics - these factors are harder to modify but doesn't mean we can't work within them.

If you want some help identifying and modifying these risk factors, call me today for a free consultation. 973-556-8465

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