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What is the fascia?

This week's question

What is the fascia and what are the benefits of having fascial bodywork done?

My answer - Today's question is answered by the newest member of our team, massage therapist Wojciech Wasielewski.

Fascia is a connective tissue present everywhere in the body. Most commonly as a sheath that wraps around muscles, ligaments,tendons, bones, blood and lymph vessels nerves and internal organs.The main role of fascia is to hold all the structures together. It also helps to keep the symmetry of the body and its postural balance. We live in the times when our bodies are constantly bombarded with stress factors. Physical or emotional stress, poor diet and food quality, constant exposure to toxins cause our body to be overloaded, tired and often even sick. Lack of physical activity seems to be the cherry on the top here.

Working with fascia with deep stretch and release techniques is not a miraculous solution here - solution is to get rid of the stress factors. Yet receiving fascia bodywork is of a great benefit for overall health. It significantly lowers the muscle tension letting the body relax. It gives the feeling of "light body". Helps rejuvenate and detoxify the body.

Fascia body work also:

- eliminates or significantly lowers the body chaes or muscle pain

- takes of the tension and strain of the muscles

- helps improve muscle working parameters (strength, flexibility, neural control and responsiveness)

- improves body fluid circulation that helps tremendously in body detoxification and nourishment

- helps to ease movement, increase joint range of motion

- for athletes improve body balance and performance

- helps to decrease or get rid of inflammations in the body

- improves healing after injuries or surgery

- improves hormonal balance and sleep

There are a lot of benefits of receiving fascia body work. Whether you are a professional athlete or amateur work out person, you work in the office or in a physically demanding work environment - you can receive a lot of benefits from fascia body work. it is worth giving it a try.

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