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Why am I always getting hurt?

This week's question -

Why am I/my child always getting hurt

My answer -

There is really not a one size fits all answer here but I thought it was an important one to address, so I will break it down the best I can for you. If you or a loved one is consistently getting injured whether major or minor, it can likely be attributed to one of the factors below

-Poor movement patterns

-Poor load/training volume management

-Not enough rest

-Improper nutrition/hydration

-Genetic or systemic condition

-Freak accidents

I would say these are listed in a most likely to least likely order relatively, and I'll comment briefly on each below.

-Poor movement patterns - our bodies are meant to withstand load in a particular way. If they way we are moving leads our joints to be loaded unevenly, whether in one instance or overtime, = injury

-Poor load/training volume management - this one is for my athletes, read more on it here

-Not enough rest - for athletes and non athletes alike, recovery in the short and long term is important. Read more on that here

-Improper nutrition/hydration - reach out to your RD for more info on this - respond to this email if you need help finding one!

-Genetic or systemic condition - this one is for my EDS/hypermobility clients. While yes, this condition can lead to frequent injuries, you can still combat them with proper training

-Freak accidents - sometimes it just happens!

If you or your family member are frequently getting injured and you want help searching for the cause, call me today for a free consultation. 973-556-8465

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