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Why is one shoulder lower?

This week's question -

Why is one shoulder lower than the other shoulder? My answer -

In the absence of traumatic injury or significant pain, this can be completely normal. For most people, the shoulder on their dominant side sits slightly lower than the non-dominant side. For some people, this can be reversed especially if they are not clearly dominant on each side (someone who writes with one hand but throws a ball with the other). This has to do with relative strength of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and even the lower back. People who have hypermobility can have a more significant side to side difference than those with normal mobility.

As we grow and go through puberty, the amount the dominant shoulder is lowered can vary. It can also vary quite a bit person to person. However, it should never be a drastic day to day difference. If there is a drastic difference, especially if accompanied by pain/numbness etc, this needs to be evaluated by a medical doctor.

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